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Risky Business

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As of 23rd Febuary 2009.. [Dec. 12th, 2012~12:12 pm]

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MOVED [Oct. 3rd, 2010~03:05 pm]

Sorry Livejournal ): You've been a great confidant. I'll miss you!
Please don't delete my entries.

(no subject) [Feb. 22nd, 2010~10:16 pm]

Resolutions.. compulsory. [Jan. 2nd, 2010~11:46 am]
Just realised I can't do without them.

1. Go for my GEMs and Jap class regularly (Been skipping a lot to go out >:) GEMs class sent me a warning email about my attendance already! (<85%) MUST GO.

2. Get a GPA of >3.5 for Semester 2!

3. Do not get complacent and please STOP PROCRASTINATING.

4. I will treat my future maid(s) very nicely because they usually don't last very long.

5. Abstain from eating too much McDs in school.


7. I will remember to ask for the door key from my mum.

8. I will not ring the doorbell and expect someone to open the door for me because I have the keys.

9. Mum gave me a long nag yesterday due to this cos I think I lost the door key she gave me when we first moved in.

10. I will look after my hair and make sure it gets better!


12. Use less makeup so I don't appear to be so "emo" or so they say. Already failed this resolution.

13. I AM NOT GONNA USE THE SNOOZE FUNCTION. WHEN IT RINGS I WAKE. You people should adopt the same practice!

14. From today on I'm not gonna care about others' opinion of me. Your opinion of me is none of my business.

15. Look after my teeth and braces! Or face my dentist's wrath.

16. Message my dad more frequently so he doesn't have to worry about me.

17. FINISH MY DRINKS ALL THE WAY. I tend to leave like a mouthful at the end and somehow that mouthful is just painful to take in.

18. Finish my food too!

19. 38 *cough* kg

20. Tone my fat arms ugh.

21. Take my warfarin on time! (Not that I don't now! Just that sometimes I'm human and it slips)

22. Control thy temper. I realise it's getting worse. Many times I have to stop myself from hurling sarcastic remarks/abuse at people who annoy me so very easily. And thing is, I don't think they're being annoying, they just annoy me. I'm a horrible person.

23. Be less horrible.

24. Argue with Zachary less. (I gave up on the "Be nicer to Zachary" resolution a long time ago)


26. Spend less money on clothes I don't actually wear except on so called "special occasions" but they never happen.

27. I shall clean my room and look after my possessions.

28. Mayor will be very very loved. (Did I mention he's this grumpy old man dog now? >:)

29. Stay in contact with all my closest friends.

30. Find true love.


Okay that's a lot of resolutions.
Some are pretty easy, some are just there to motivate myself.
Alwite I gotta go pack my bag, I'm moving home in a couple of hours.
Kinda miss this place already.
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